Transmedia and its 7 principles essay

Transmedia storytelling is a visually rich experience, and the images play a significant role in the narrative. They meant something different this time around. Journalism channels can include newspapers, magazines, books, television, radio, lectures, museums, game consoles, the Web or a mobile app among many others.

The Next Generation for how it chooses episode topics that encourage discussion among an age group already comfortable with online and digital communication media, and the aim of the series is to influence the choices those fans make in their own lives. Books with a strong focus on worlds often include maps - whether it is the large scale map of Middle Earth in J.

We were re-contextualizing and recreating those scenes, and reinterpreting them. For instance, I hear first a news in the radio in the morning, go reading about it on mobile app, and dig into it on desktop.

Explore the story through different characters and viewpoints. In the cakes were cell phones that rang with further clues and instructions. The webinars are open to any and all participants and are drawing educators from all over the world. Lucasfilm maintains a database of the minutia of the Star Wars saga called the Holocron.

Comments are very welcome. I wanted to express some cautions about this exercise. This practice requires them to develop critical skills at identifying the distinctive features of specific stories and worlds and it requires them to think about the affordances and expectations surrounding other media.

Martin, which presents the world and events of Westeros and Essos from the subjective point of view of literally tens of characters. Through all these permutations the story stays largely the same, with only a few grand departures from the story of a rich effete Californian who battles tyranny behind a mask in early s colonial California.

Or Matrix, all us, Borges and Blade Runner. But for the moment, let's think of this in a somewhat broader way.

Transmedia Journalism

Or are there some kind of crudities? Performance The most distinctive characteristic of Transmedia Storytelling is Performance, which refers to the protagonism openly given to the users in contributing to the development of the narrative world.

There are hundreds of possibilities here.

Principles of Transmedia

This may take the form of cryptic clues that appear briefly in a medium that inspire investigation or decoding by fans or open plot holes that inspire fan fiction. These are complementary concepts, where spreadability and drillability come together.

Multiplicity is given when the presented story is able to exist and be retold in an alternate universe.

Confessions of an Aca-Fan

I mean the idea of moving through a virtual environment which replicates key aspects of a historical or geographical environment. Media form is a language a story uses, and it can include text, photographs, illustrations, motion pictures, audio, graphic nonfiction, interactive forms and many others.

And transmedia storytelling provides an inspirational platform for the creation of new digital stories like fan fiction. In a transmedia presentation, students need to actively seek out content through a hunting and gathering process which leads them across multiple media platforms.

Suddenly — if you think about the last few decades as a fragment of the timeline that stretches back to before cave painting — we can tell stories in so many media forms and on so many media channels that it would make Richard Wagner jealous enough to steal a magic ring.

Confessions of an Aca-Fan

Crossmedia This is a term that most likely originates in the advertising industry, and it means to tell a story in many different media channels. Cosplay too should be considered this way. I will now present you very shortly the seven dimensions and Prattens own interpretations: Kress argues that we need to teach students the affordances of different media through which we can communicate information and help them to foster the rhetorical skills they need to effectively convey what they want to say across those different platforms.

Frank Baum, the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its 13 fellow novels, comic strips, multiple short stories and stage and screen productions on that fictional world. As educators, we need to model the effective use of different media platforms in the classroom, a practice which would support what Howard Gardner has told us about multi-intelligences.

Their qualities are not mutually exclusive in transmedia productions and are simply a part of the array of options that may or may not be sought in the same project.

The sound, images, narrative, movie and gaming elements all play a unique role in unraveling the story. Cameron hoped to pull viewers through the proscenium, past the artificial visual plane of the screen and into his world.

Why not see transmedia as an expanded platform through which storytellers can deploy their craft?The Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: Seven Principles of Transmedia Storytelling.

By Henry Jenkins. If you have yet to check out the videos from the Futures of Entertainment 4 conference, we hope that you'll take at least an hour of the upcoming holiday to sit down and listen to Henry Jenkin's keynote on transmedia storytelling.

Transmedia Storytelling: 7 myths and 7 principles 1. THE MAPS OF OZTransmedia storytelling and possible futures of communications @barbararmota @osalquimistas. Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited June 21, I think we need to be careful in this regard and if it were only Pokemon or Lost that operated according to transmedia principles, Raiding the Archives: Henry's First Essay on Fandom.

Aug 29, Aug 29, 7 Cooperative Principle Essay. Principles of Cooperatives The Rochdale Principles are a set of ideals for the operation of cooperatives. Essay Due 7/10/ Transmedia and Its 7 Principles {Jenkins}. Transmedia is not revolution but an evolution in the art of a business its a necessity,you just can’t expand your brand image unless you use this into the world of transmedia to create wonderful customer experience and maximize your customer base.

Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited June 21, Vanessa asked me to share with the group the Seven Principles of Transmedia Entertianment which I presented through this blog last fall and suggest how they might relate to learning.

I wanted to express some cautions about this exercise. At its heart, seriality has to do with the.

Transmedia and its 7 principles essay
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