Parental influence and celebrity influe

Kids might fixate on a favorite celebrity or two, trying to emulate their look or lifestyle decisions, according to a article in "Psychology Today. Whether it is happy or sad, the child will react the same way. As children, we were influenced by parents regardless of whether we like it or not because we were not capable of applying our free wills.

Child, Family, Community Socialization and Support. For the influence from parents, we are influenced directly. In our thinking, most of us have strong belief on role models or we can say having ideals in their lives. The modeling industry has convinced young girls that its ok to dress provocative, fat is out and skinny is in.

This literature aimed at giving an insight on the behavior influenced by celebrity or parents. When it comes to teenagers they are the most vulnerable and most impacted by it. There are many celebrities who use their publicity to support charities, increase awareness of diseases or make donations.

For instance, a movement against smoke emitting vehicles can be initiated by a celebrity. Schools, teachers, peers, and TV shows help form our perspectives of the world which we live in. These ideals are may be their parents or may be any famous personality related to any field of life e.

Parents can have a negative on their children if they tell their children that murdering someone they dislike is fine. Then there would be similarities between parents and celebrities, acting as a role model for any individual. Both parents and celebrities are crucial in influencing our choices of lifestyle.

Role-Mixing Parents who are themselves transfixed by celebrity culture might be sending the wrong message to their children.

Influences of Celebrities vs. Influence of Parents

Once they fall into the teenage traps, they look up to celebrities for every minor update from the fashion world in the lust to look good and current. Whenever seeing anything new in his life, the child always looks towards his parents that how they reacts towards the situation. I could remember from past experience, a mother that had been on drugs and not being in her child life caused great emotional problems for that child.

Celebrity saturation could result in children and teens feeling repelled by the materialism, superficiality or privilege sometimes portrayed in media coverage. But emulating a celebrity can also lead to less-desirable choices, such as experimenting with drugs, according to the "Psychology Today" article.

Child, Family, Community Socialization and Support. This adoption of habits and behavior may continue until the child grows up and look out of the box means outside of his family.The Influence From Parents vs.

The Influence From Celebrities Essay Sample.

Parent vs. Celebrity Influence

From the day we were born, or even earlier when we were created in the uterus, we have been constantly influenced by our surroundings, whether they are living things or nonliving objects. Parent vs. Celebrity Influence America’s states that higher parental involvement can positively influence health choices and school success.

Role-Mixing. Parents who are themselves transfixed by celebrity culture might be sending the wrong message to their children.

Reading celebrity magazines, watching reality TV or obsessing. Celebrities and Parents play significant parts in influencing people. Discussing the similarities and differences of the influence from celebrities and influence of parents, it’s clear that they share similarities in choices of lifestyle, effectiveness through imitation, and qualities of influence.

Parents influence their children with their actions and lifestyle as much as celebrities do. Being a parent, I see first-hand on how I influence my child’s growth. When I get mad, I storm off with an attitude and I see my son doing the same thing when he is put in a similar situation.

If the celebrities use their iconic power in a constructive way then we can say that the influence of parents and that of celebrities are similar in nature. These constructive ways can be the steps taken for the welfare of the society, grants given to the needy people. The influence from parents and the influence from celebrities are both shown through people’s imitation of them.

Human beings are talented in mimicking. When we were babies and our parents taught us to say elementary words like “ma” and “dad”, we mimicked the .

Parental influence and celebrity influe
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