Impact of films on youth

Its purpose was twofold: For the Indian youth, there is also some good and inspirational movies that can help to our youth. Criminal mindset, robbery techniques, rape tendency are gift of some films. Moreover these increase superstitions. In this way the committee was able to represent a variety of perspectives, even though the available time would not allow for comprehensive coverage of any of the issues.

Filmmakers need to realize their responsibility towards society, instead of just concentrating on success. Apr 21, My humble request to every one just think with an open mind and come to an conclusion what a short life is worth of.

Films are corrupting the Indian Youth

At last, I want to add my personal views of movies that I want to join Indian arm forces when I watch Indian soldier's movies then I fully inspired and I want to die for the motherland.

Nevertheless, the field is relatively young and many methodological and theoretical questions remain, even as new digital technologies continue to pose unique challenges to researchers. Nevertheless, the field is relatively young and many methodological and theoretical questions remain, even as new digital technologies continue to pose unique challenges to researchers.

When we want to know the impact of films, one has to look at how stories of cinema affect the actual life of the people. Yes I feel that film is a huge success, not only in box office, but in the hearts of thousands of people.

With the availability of TV, cable TV and Video, cinema became a commodity, in middle class homes, Entertainment values became chief attraction in feature film. Feb 1, Entertainment, this is most probably the very first emotion what comes in our mind while thinking of films.

Many foreign films are also being shown in theatres as well as on television. However, experiences in Canada, USA, and USSR indicate that documentaries and films have contributed to bringing about a better social order and in building up a national community having common thinking about the nation.

The great potentialities of the film for education, instruction and training in agriculture, industry and other fields are not yet widely appreciated or exploited in India, where the cinema is generally regarded as an entertainment medium.

Many feel that these films pose a threat to our cultural identity. It is a platform for talented people to showcase their talent. Other parts of the study proved the same idea, but with different facts. Apart from these, films create fear, terror, sorrow and pathos, love and passion, thrill, excitement and stimulation.

Short essay on the Impact of Films

We see how common people with iron determination, positive action, hard work can win in any field of life. Biopics like bhag milkha bhag, ms dhoni, mary kom are truely inspirational.

Many social scientists have shared their informal experiences and observation regarding the impact that films have created.

This planning effort prompted the development of two background papers and a subsequent day-long discussion that included sessions on the state of the art in current measures of media exposure; the research designs, tools, and frameworks used in social epidemiological and prevention research; and the role of theory in explaining relationships among media exposure and outcomes.

These days Indian movies are objectifying women by adding item songs or special songs. The National Academies Press.

Impact of movies on youth

The goal was for a variety of experts to consider steps and strategies that could move this research forward and improve its utility for helping parents, practitioners, and policy makers guide young people in navigating a media-rich environment. Here are a number of top gangster movies according to IMDB: According to my point of view, film Industry has given us lots of fun, entertainment, social Massage, And more.

Most films do have a harmful effect on the new generation. IF we watch a good movie then your thinking will be a change in the good way it is dependent upon you that you watch which type moves.Short essay on the Impact of Films Payal Kamat There have been few studies on effects of violence and sex in specific films on children and youth.

When we want to know the impact of films, one has to look at how stories of. This leads to increase in consumeristic society, and the worst impact will be on youth.

Impact of movies on youth

Some filmmakers impose their personal opinions on society through movies. This kind of movies may depict certain communities or religions in a negative light. Films and Filmstrips about the work of United Nations and its Specialized Agencies, about the influence of the cinema on children and adolescents will find an answer here.

decide whether or not films corrupt youth, what has. Films are corrupting the Indian youth upto some point and it depends on us in what way we are taking the films. They show us good things and bad things also.

Some people say that youth are trying to imitate the actors in cigarette smoking, hairstyles and in lifestyle and they were addicted to that lifestyle. Youth Impact Films is an educational company that creates high-quality films for public interest enterprises at an affordable cost.

Youth Impact filmmakers get valuable filmmaking experience. Clients get professional quality videos at a lower cost. The post Effect of cinema on youth highlights the impact of films on mind of people, especially the youth.

Certainly films are corrupting the Indian youth.

Impact of films on youth
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