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Innovation is the heartbeat of our business. Many of the jobs have common skills and are not very diversified in terms of duties, working conditions, and responsibilities therefore making a single structure a suitable fit under a job based evaluation using the point method.

We will write a custom essay sample on FastCat Evaluation Order now Adaptation is crucial for achieving objectives. Employees need to view the compensation as fair in order to be motivated to translate their performance into positive outcomes. A consistent point structure has been allocated to each degree which aligns to a description of the required characteristics of the job.

It only makes sense that we reward employees for being innovative when performing support and quality management functions. This promotes and boosts employee morale because of a fair process.

FastCat Evaluation Essay

It has traditionally enabled FastCat to offer custom solutions to its customers thereby creating a niche market. Degree 3 Problem solving skills are used in this job.

This plan will be instrumental in the improvement of employee retention. The position is associated with educational knowledge and professional experience in the healthcare industry.

To achieve these objectives we suggest four job families: The final outcome of the compensation plan is a job- based Fastcat evaluation using key elements of both job value and job content to determine compensable factors, weights, and degrees for the point method of evaluation.

Degree 4 Jobs are getting done properly, effectively, and more innovative while customers are satisfied Fastcat evaluation the means that employees Fastcat evaluation using to help solve problems. Due to highly repetitive tasks and low customer service interaction, problem solving and critical thinking skills are not required to perform this job.

The roles of this employee are to be innovative, have advanced knowledge of software systems, oversee project managers, and create new project designs.

Internal alignment defines the relationships between the jobs within FastCat. These jobs were then grouped into 5 distinct levels: The values ranged from Employees in this job are rewarded for taking personal accountability for implementing problem-solving thought processes, but the job is not dependent on the use of problem solving skills since much of the work is highly repetitive and a low involvement of customer interaction.

Creativity leads decision-making and finds all employees with an innate sense of responsibility for being creative. However, skilled talent has become table stakes across the industry and no longer is sufficient to set FastCat apart from its competition.

FastCat: Phase 1 “High-Five” Compensation Package Essay

Employees believe they are responsible Fastcat evaluation making some kind of stride to implement creativity into everyday work.

The structure will provide flexibility in terms of which each department reports to in the upper levels. Problem Solving—Critical Thinking Each job at FastCat requires some level of critical thinking, although the degrees vary from job to job. As a consequence of these changes, the war for top talent will escalate as new entrants emerge and the big players begin to diversify their customer base and invade what has formally been considered a niche customer market for FastCat.

Degree 2 Some innovation is evident. Employees are not held responsible for innovation. Since FastCat is an innovator in the technology field, problems will occur and critical thinking will help overcome those problems.

Creating a flexible structure enables employees to gain autonomous control over their work because they will be reporting to less layers of the organization to constantly gain approval for their performance.

This compensable factor defines the specific knowledge gained through education and experience required to perform the job Fastcat evaluation Innovation is a central component to contributing to success shown through performance and customer satisfaction.

Degree 3 The job may vary from having high involvement in customer service to high innovation in support roles and it is very important to collect feedback to better serve our customers.

With a creative mindset, solutions can be generated that will both benefit the customer and the employee. Both are fundamental job requirements, strongly support the strategic direction, are emphasized in the mission statement and highly valued by our customers.

Though still not at the center of day-to-day operations, employees implement creativity in most operations. The fact that the system is difficult to imitate establishes competitive advantage. Responsibility—Creativity FastCat is known for being a very technologically advanced company.

By encouraging each employee to take ownership in and participate actively in developing problem solving skills, FastCat will be able to further its business and satisfy more customers. Degree 5 To ensure the job is done properly, innovation is at the forefront of everything the employee does.Rationale/Evaluation of Recommendations 22 FASTCAT FastCat: Phase 1 “High-Five” Compensation Package 1 October In Phase 1 of the FastCat Compensation Case, our team has included our recommendations regarding strategies, objectives, the formation of an internal structure, and an implementation plan that will allow a seamless.

They would also receive an increase in their base pay at their next review. Additionally, employees who score well on their performance evaluation would be eligible to receive a bonus and an increase to their base pay. By encouraging FastCat employees to continue to attain higher levels of education, it is more likely employee retention will be.

FastCat Compensation System Team F David Dorband, Serge Husak, Priscilla Martinez, Yesenia Montalvo & Gabrielle Pavageau FastCat needs a new compensation system that “will reflect its changing strategic direction and vision and help the company succeed.” Increase revenue Build a.

FastCat – Phase I. Implementing the Compensation plan 2 Advanced knowledge of the healthcare field and knowledge of fast cat software 3 Specialized knowledge in the healthcare field and knowledge of cross fastcat phase 1- internal alignment.

Uploaded by. api FastCat Final Comprehensive Report - HRM /5(1). Evaluation and Education Essay Education and evaluation are inter-related processes. Evaluation is as old as the process of education itself. Education in its wider sense implies not only acquisition of knowledge, but also development of abilities, skills, personality qualities which are important in individual's personal and social life.

FASTCAT PHASE II. MNGT Compensation & Benefits (shown below in Figure 1), the graph is expressed as y=x+(). As a result, for every job evaluation point added the mean base wage increases by $, and then $36, is subtracted. We took each of the equations that were found in Figures and put in each of the.

Fastcat evaluation
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