Communist leaders of the 20th century

She was deaf-blind herself. Like other instigators of mass murder throughout history, [he] compensated for his lack of physical stature with a pathological cruelty and the use of brute terror.

Brezhnev also built up the Soviet Union's military at the cost of their economy. However, he ended up influencing a lot of people as of today. The same disproportionate achievement is clear in the world of business. If "Influential" means he killed the most civilians of anybody in history, then Mao is your guy!

History of communism

Insecure, despite having established a dictatorship over the party and country, hostile and defensive when confronted with criticism of the excesses of collectivization and the sacrifices required by high-tempo industrialization, and deeply suspicious that past, present, and even yet unknown future opponents were plotting against him, Stalin began to act as a person beleaguered.

Andropov was declared his successor and quickly consolidated power. Mao was one of the central figures of communism in Asia and was the founder of the Communist Party of China. Courage, strength, integrity, sincerity and the deepest conviction gave him the moral authority to lead a nation and the world from the brink of enslavement.

He was a great leader who believes in unity among all regardless of who they were or where they came from. Relative to its population, Kazakhstan is believed to have been the most adversely affected.

Roosevelt did not have the courage to lead his people to do what was right over what was popular.

The Seven Most Influential Communist Leaders of All Time

One of the greatest leaders of 20th century. She was also a lifelong supporter of the American socialist party and socialist causes. Gorbachev managed to end the costly Soviet war in Afghanistan in By escalating the arms race he brought the Soviet Union to its inevitable end quicker.

He was pardoned in and spent the rest of his life working for the Russian tourism administration until his death in I hate this man with all my heart, but he had, and still has, an enourmous influence on this world.

The Soviets and the Germans signed a non-aggression pact and agreed to split up Eastern Europe but then Hitler violated it and invaded the Soviet Union.

Furthermore, if events did not work out as they were supposed to, then that was because class enemiesforeign spies and saboteursor worst of all, internal traitors were wrecking the plan.

Bertrand Russell — A brilliant mathematician, pacifist and peace campaigner, Russell was also a believer in democratic socialism.Opinion: The 20th century was the Jewish century Never before in history and likely never again will such a small group of people create such influence as did Jews in the 20th century.


Mass killings under communist regimes

Du Bois was one of the most important African-American activists during the first half of the 20th century. He co-founded the NAACP and supported Pan-Africanism. Communist Leon Trotsky.

The first half of the 20th century was a turbulent time for Russia.

Opinion: The 20th century was the Jewish century

The political system was drastically and violently transformed, there was an explosion of avant-garde art, and then Stalin led the country through the violent period of industrialization.

Nicolae Ceausescu was the leader of Communist Romania for more than two decades until his execution in Communism: The Leading Ideological Cause of Death in the 20th Century. the Communist Manifesto, promised utopia on Earth.

which left 16 million dead— and it eclipses the 20th century.

Leaders Throughout The History Of The Soviet Union

The history of communism encompasses a wide variety of ideologies and political movements sharing the core theoretical values of common ownership of wealth, with the communist leaders either escaping abroad or being executed.

A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism.

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Communist leaders of the 20th century
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